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Stakeholder On Automobiles, Garage Operators, Operated The Benefit Of Particulate Filter Cleaning, Catalyst, EGR Valve With Pro Material, The CleanerFap.

Strong profitability!

A descaling cleaning operation of a particulate filter or Catalyst from 20 minutes to one hour.

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This machine Pro, performs a complete cleaning of (FAP) particle filter and catalysts to find the original performance of cars, trucks, buses, tractors, agricultural machinery, machinery using gasoline engines or diesel in the industry.

Placed just after the catalyst, the FAP has a honeycomb structure, placed alternately to force the exhaust gases to pass through it. The porous walls of this honeycomb structure then retain the particles.

A particle filter or catalyst clogged from 75% can not be regenerated by the built-in function by the manufacturer or even by treatment with hho (Hydrogen), the solution is a direct treatment of particle filter, Catalyst, EGR valve after disassembly, the treatment consists of an infrasonic bath.

CleanerFap, is a new technology allowing the cleaning of particulate filters (fap), Catalysts, EGR valves, diesel engines and gasoline. Rather than changing the elements, the CleanerFap machine allows you to clean them and leave for more than 100,000 km!

The process is entirely ecological because the residues drawn from the filter are collected in the tank to be filtered to be reprocessed. The system, very economical, works equally well for light vehicles as for the Heavy Duty, agricultural machinery or construction site ...
The CleanerFap system is available from our partners.

A guarantee of result at 100%.

Predict a Receiving Tray

This will provide a Polyester or stainless steel bin with a dimension of 1500mm long x 600mm deep x 400mm wide and perform the installation according to the scheme..

CE - Iso 9001

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